Senate garage


Open bar and food included

Price: $100

We are celebrating the accomplishments of women. Women have worked hard to advance gender rights in america. This event is an expression of our gratitude.


***350 Maximum Attendance



6PM - Food and refreshments are provided.

6:45PM - The purpose of the event is explained.

7PM - Entertainment proceeds in the forms of speeches, music, and a slide show.

9:30PM - Event concludes.  All guests are thanked and asked to leave the premises.

10PM - Premises need to be completely vacated.

Event Host


Kaia, President, Empress, Chancellor, Coach, Trainer, Athlete, Model, Navy, Love #HumphreyEmpire

Kaia is humble. Kaia is trained to assist all victims that need an outlet to trust. She has an extensive understanding of health from being a nurse. Kaia is a mother, military, exceptional athlete, outstanding coach, superb trainer, and models.

Event Host


Sundown Shaman, Lunar Phoenix, Viceroy, Vice President, Leader, Empowerment, Women #HumphreyEmpire

Kai discovered kingston set a precedence for gender oppression. He values the abilities of women and works to provide women opportunities. Kai has degrees from rutgers university in leadership and history.

Historical Significance

Country Formed

Flag, USA, America, NYS, NY, Empire, History, Flags, Glory, Bravery, Truth, Citizen #HumphreyEmpire

The new york constitution asserted america is to be governed by the citizens. Click JOHN JAY to learn about the value of kingston.

American Oppression

Women, Yes To Women, Equality, Gender, Sex, Unity, Humanity, Life, MeToo, Change #HumphreyEmpire

The empire state began with oppression. Click HISTORY to gain perspective.

National Advancements

Peace, Women, Joy, Happy, Fun, Spirit, Unity, Party, Celebration, History, Unity #HumphreyEmpire

Women have done tremendous work to extend legal rights and the opportunity to vote. Click TIMELINE to view important milestones.

Agreement Terms

HumphreyEmpire, Corporation, Business, Opportunity, Love, Support, Hope, Inspire #HumphreyEmpire

Respect all senate garage policies.

Employees of the senate garage have the right to remove any person deemed dangerous or disruptive to the environment. HumphreyEmpire Corp employees and police have the same rights.

Attendees are responsible for parking.

Be respectful.